Greenlight Planet & Rural Ethiopia’s Energy Sector Transformation

Photo: Greenlight Planet An Ethiopian family enjoys a meal with the help of a Sun King home system

Greenlight Planet (Nairobi)

Greenlight Planet, the global market leader in the rapidly expanding pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar industry has powered more than two and a half million lives in Ethiopia through access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy.   Working with a strong network of established Ethiopian distribution companies such as Lydetco P.L.C., Universal Electronics amongst others, Sun King products are now in 500,000 Ethiopian households and have offset more than 600,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas, enabling savings of more than 1.7 billion Ethiopian Birr ($53 million) for customers in Ethiopia.

Throughout the last decade, the Government of Ethiopia has led one of the most successful electrification programs in sub-Saharan Africa, expanding the electric grid to nearly 60 percent of the country, now covering 6,000 towns and villages, compared with only 667 ten years ago.   However, the rural household electrification rate remains at just 29% percent. Understanding that affordable and reliable access to electricity is essential to reducing poverty,   the Government of Ethiopia has committed to achieving universal energy access by 2025.   Through this plan, sixty-five percent of the population will gain energy access through the national grid, and the other thirty-five percent will access energy through off-grid technologies, including stand-alone solar systems and mini-grids.

Since 2011, Greenlight Planet has sold more than 500,000 life-changing Sun King solar solutions in Ethiopia with the help of distribution partners. Those distributors sell into Ethiopia’s expansive, multi-tiered retail distribution network, allowing consumers to purchase Sun King products from nearby retail markets upfront, in cash. The Sun King solutions offer customers premium quality at an affordable price along with after-sales service. Read more…


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