Insights From Senegal: Involving Farmers In Research Is Key To Boosting Agriculture

It’s key to involve farmers in research projects CTA ACP-EU/Flickr

In West Africa, agricultural production tends to fluctuate. This is because of the combined effect of several factors, including insufficient and irregular rainfall, poor or saline soils, low levels of inputs, and parasites. These present major challenges to the region’s food and nutritional security, the fight against rural poverty and the pursuit of sustainable agriculture.

To address these challenges, studies recommend various growing practices that can improve how much is produced from farms and forests. One of these is the use of symbiotic micro-organisms as biofertilisers. This is when micro-organisms live on plants and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

But the practice of using micro-organisms isn’t widespread in West Africa. This is mainly because farmers aren’t involved in the applied research projects and do not know how to use the research results. Read more…


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