Let’s Address Rising Unemployment Problem


By Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda

In a globalized world that is highly interactive thanks to the growth of highly innovative technologies and great improvements in means of transport and communication in the world, a problem in a country in a corner of the globe is also a problem in another. Poverty in itself is a very dangerous condition to have in any part of the world or even in a village.

Without employment, it is difficult to beat poverty. Unemployment represents failure and a dangerous one. It shows that either the economy has failed or there is simply a lot of wastage, poor planning or simply a breakdown in political and economic systems in a state.

It thus represents a lurking danger. Remember economic fortunes are closely tied to politics and policies coming out of a government system.

There are nonetheless problems of international or regional nature that encumber a country but these can only be solved or managed by a well laid out system that works and this is within a government structure. In Kenya, we already are aware that we have a youth bulge which in itself represents a big opportunity but potentially a very dangerous phenomenon if not well managed,

Already we have had a growing and seismic unemployment s problem spanning many years in the country. Key causes include corruption and poor circumstances in politics that have over the years denied the country the ability to tap local and international resources to create opportunities for our people.

Part of the fixing is in mending the politics which I do think there are already some efforts for that. We have been accustomed to the mantra that the youth should be creators of employment and not seek to be employees. This is quite shallow as in any decent economy or even in any of economies few build successful enterprises or not everyone for that matter can self-employ…Read more>>

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