Plastic And Organic Waste Turned Into Construction Materials

Australian scientists at Flinders University in Adelaide have discovered a sustainable method of recycling waste materials into bricks, which could be used for construction. The team used a new kind of rubber polymer to convert PVC, plant fibers, or sand into viable construction materials.

The findings, published in Chemistry Europe, could mark a groundbreaking turning point in the future of the construction industry, given that they offer an alternative to all kinds of non-recyclable substances. The best part of all, it provides the advantage of giving waste materials a positive purpose, rather than ending up in landfills or the ocean.

The current method of construction involves the emissions of harmful toxins and greenhouse gases (GHGs), which exacerbate climate change and can be dangerous for human health. Unsurprisingly, air quality at construction sites is a big concern for those living in the vicinity.

The construction industry is responsible for 18% of all global GHG emissions, while concrete is responsible for 8% of CO2 emissions. To put things into perspective, the entire aviation sector contributes to 3% of CO2 emissions, while agriculture is responsible for 12%. This is why a sustainable source of construction material is vital. Read more…


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