Uganda: First Solar Hydro Hybrid Plant Paused

A solar hydro hybrid plant. Uganda has shelved its plan to construct a solar hydro hybrid plant. courtesy photo

By Christine Kasemiire

Uganda will have to wait a while longer before it can see its first solar hydro hybrid power plant.

This follows a halt on plans to establish solar on the 6.6 megawatt Nyagak III dam in West Nile.

According to Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited, government had last year embarked on feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of a solar hydro hybrid plant.

“During the year, in collaboration with our Norwegian Partners, Malthe Winje Infrapower (MWIP) and Giertsen Energy Solutions, we were able to embark on a Solar Hydro Hybrid Feasibility Study on the Nyagak III,” the generator noted in its 2019 report.

The study, the report says, was a precursor to the development of the first hybrid energy generation project in Uganda. Read more…


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