Why Eating Seasonally is the Key to Food Sustainability

Recently, I came across an article about avocados. Surprisingly, it was not about salads or smoothies. Rather, it was about how avocados might be hurting the planet. Shocking right? Well, for me it really wasn’t. Over the past few years, healthy eating, veganism and general sustainability has gained prominence across the world. The increased consumption of processed foods, alongside the myriad of health challenges it leads to have resulted in a shift in dietary patterns across the globe. People now consume a lot more fruits, vegetables and meals rich in natural dietary fiber such as whole grains. These foods were previously relegated to the background as ‘second thoughts’ but now, they are the new sheriffs in town.

Salad has become the new staple and avocado for one, has found love in the hearts and bellies of probably every vegetarian under the sun. You can find avocado almost everywhere, from grocery stores and farmers’ markets to family tables and restaurant menus all over the world. I can even go as far as labeling this green tree fruit ‘the potato of fruits’ because it comes in hundreds of varieties, all of them are equally amazing. It is no wonder then that Washington Post dubbed avocados ‘America’s Favorite Fruit’ seeing as between 2007 and 2013, consumption of avocado grew by over 300% in the United States.

Now on the face of it, this development is nothing short of awesome. I mean, avocado offers such a litany of health benefits that our growing love affair with the fruit is understandable. Eating green is all shades of awesome for our environment and our agricultural systems are finally getting some much deserved credit and boost. Read more…


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