Africa And Technology – The Next Big Revolution For Global Tech Startups

Erik Hershman (Co-founder of Ushahidi) tweeted, “Africa is the last “blue ocean” for tech, the opportunities here are huge. Why would you choose anywhere else?”

More and more tech firms are realizing the sheer potential of the African markets with its massive population of 1.5 billion people. What’s more, a technologically advanced country like Singapore is betting its future startups on the large untapped market of the continent. Even underdeveloped industries like mobile casinos and online casinos are showing clear signs of growth in Africa which is a boon for investors. Africa has become the centre point of Singapore’s startup movement as venture capitalist firms look towards it as a new wave of growth and opportunities that has the potential to keep pace with Asia. Let us discuss the technological landscape of Africa in detail.

Why Africa has such huge potential in technology?

Mobile is the future

In the last 10 years, Africa has seen an upsurge in cellphone usage and ownership. What’s more, according to a Gallup poll in Sub-Saharan Africa, about two-thirds of the home have 1 mobile phone at least. It is not surprising to state that mobile computing is growing at an exponential rate and is used more and more to meet our various needs like communication, gaming, social media entertainment, payment, search and more. Nowadays, people even write memos on their phones instead of physical ones.

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