Africa Yet To Unleash Full Potential Of Its Nature-Based Tourism

Photo by Pxhere

By the UN Environment

“Africa’s unique diversity of wildlife and habitat has the potential to radically transform the continent’s economy,” said the report. Yet, “at present, few of Africa’s protected areas are meeting their potential as engines for tourism growth and are underfunded by up to ten times the required level.”

Countries in Africa can do more to develop tourism in protected areas, which would in turn create jobs in rural places, diversify and grow their economies and improve environmental resilience in the face of growing pressures, a report has said.

Africa’s biodiversity could “transform” the continent’s economy, but at present many governments are scaling back on protection because of limited budgets needed for other pressing public needs, a report produced by conservation organization Space for Giants Cluband the UN Environment Programme said. To preserve their wildlife and wild places, governments should look at protected areas not only as environmental assets but economic ones as well, with the continent’s 8,400 protected areas producing US$48 billion in revenue. Read more>>


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