Ethiopia Launches National Policy to Encourage Walking and Cycling

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept through Ethiopia earlier this year, many in the Horn of Africa country abandoned public transit, fearful of catching the disease on crowded buses and trains.

But that created a problem. How would people move around in the country of 109 million?

The Ethiopian government believes the answer lies in part in cycling and walking.  On 3 June, World Bicycle Day, the country launched virtually a national policy designed to promote those two modes of transport. Officially known as the Non-Motorized Transport Strategy 2020-2029, the programme was inaugurated by Dagmawit Moges, Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport.

The strategy’s online launch event brought together key development partners, such as the United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Habitat, the Institute of Transport and Development Policy, and other experts and organizations who helped frame the strategy. “This government is committed to adopting a more equitable approach that addresses the mobility needs of all citizens,” said Moges. Read more…


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