Luxury Lifestyle of The Rich Largely Responsible For The Climate Crisis

A waterfront factory pumping out clouds of smoke silhouetted against an orange-purple sunset sky, mountains visible in distance

Researchers have discovered a trend where the more money people have; the higher their carbon footprint is. A University of Leeds study shows that the lifestyles of the world’s wealthiest are mainly responsible for the climate crisis.

Among all eighty-six countries and income classes studied, the bottom 10% consumed about 20 times less energy than the top 10%. “Our results consequently expose large inequality in international energy footprints,” the authors explained.

According to one of the researchers, Julia Steinberger, the study looked at energy consumption “used to manufacture and transport traded products,” as well as the amount of energy directly used. She notes that “richer households, around the world, tend to spend their extra [money] on energy-intensive products,” including shopping online, vacations, and fuel for their automobiles.

One of the most critical factors in this difference is people who have more money, spend more on transportation in air, land, and sea. From private jets to luxury yachts, expensive cars, and trips to Mars, rich people have all kinds of options when it comes to transportation. Read more…


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