Concern Over Limited Knowledge, Appreciation Of Biodiversity Values Among Ghanaians


By Ama Kduom-Agyemang

Biological diversity represented by the various ecosystems that depict the interdependence of living organisms and their physical environment are vital to all life forms on earth. They provide clean air, fresh water, food, resources and medicine.

Experts say healthy ecosystems are naturally resilient enough to adapt to gradual environmental changes. In other words, there is active regeneration in which existing species may evolve or new species move in, in response to the least change, so that the entire system does not collapse.

This also means that in situations where the range and variation of life in an ecosystem are being abused and destroyed, the system loses its integrity and can no longer function normally and might eventually collapse.

It for these reasons that experts and activists are greatly alarmed at the current lack of knowledge among the general Ghanaian populace, and their lack of appreciation of the values of biodiversity and the services they provide that make life possible on earth…Read more>>


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