Getting Creative With Coral Reef Conservation

Photo by UN Environment

By UN Environment

This week in Los Angeles, 15,000 people will be attending one of the biggest creativity conferences in the world, Adobe MAX. It’s not the kind of event that is normally associated with conservation, but this year is different. The creative community is getting involved in coral reef conservation and it might just help save an entire ecosystem.

Corals aren’t as charismatic as big cats, elephants or dolphins, so when people consider where we should focus our conservation efforts, corals rarely get attention, protection and funding support. They live in a world that’s out of sight and out of mind, and it’s a world that is rapidly changing. The ocean absorbs 93 per cent of climate heat and coral reefs are firmly on the frontline of the climate issue. In 2016-2017, half the corals on the Great Barrier Reef died from ocean heatwaves and that was just one of many reef systems that were hit. Just imagine if half the trees in the Amazon suddenly died—how concerned the world would be.

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