Mali: World Bank Grants €29 Million For Climate Resilience Project

The government of Mali launched the Climate Resilience Enhancement Project (Hydromet-Mali) on the 10th of March 2020. The programme, which is planned to last five years and is financed to the tune of 29 million euros by the World Bank, will make it possible in particular to help about 200,000 Malians exposed to the risk of drought.

The Malian government and its national and international partners officially launched the Climate Resilience Enhancement Programme (Hydromet-Mali) in Bamako on March 10, 2020. “I would like to pay tribute to the World Bank team and the technical team for their assistance and support throughout the process. In addition to being a national priority, this project is in line with the vision of the President of the Republic to significantly reduce the vulnerability of communities and ensure the protection of people and the environment,” said Major General Salif Traoré, Minister of Security and Civil Protection.

For this project, the World Bank has released about 29 million euros, or 19 billion CFA francs. Spread over a period of five years, Hrodromet-Mali is divided into five components: studies, training, infrastructure and equipment. The study and training components will be carried out by the National Hydraulics Directorate and Mali-Météo (the national meteorological agency). These structures will have to train 145 diplomats and 120 elected officials in climate resilience. Read more…


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