Parliament Gives Galana Kulalu The Green Light

A maize farm at Galana Kulalu. FILE PHOTO | NMG

By Business Daily

The parliamentary committee on Agriculture has given the green light to the one million acres Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme, an approval that comes as a relief to the National Irrigation Board (NIB) that has over the years been at pains to defend the project’s viability.

The chairperson of the committee, Ali Adan Haji, said from what the committee had seen at the 10,000 acre pilot farm, the project is viable and can play a major role in boosting food security in the country.

“A lot has been said about Galana with negative publicity. However, from what we have seen, I can confidently say that as a committee, we shall fully support this project in the next phase,” said Mr Haji.

The legislator also asked Kenyans to give the project time before starting to query its value for money, “given it’s capital- intensive nature”.

Recently, Israeli contractor Green Arava pulled out of the project, citing non-payment, a claim that NIB has refuted. Read more>>


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