Tapping Trash For Gold

Food scraps are discarded, but they can be turned into a rich resource. Photo by Ana Luisa Araujo

By UN Environment

UN Environment’s Sustainable Lifestyles Programme Officer, Garrette Clark, says: “Food waste is a key climate challenge and something we can all do something about. Wasting food has carbon impacts from the disposal as well as from the growing, processing and distribution perspective. Raising awareness and showing that change is possible it a critical first step.

“In addition to buying what’s needed locally, buy sustainably produced food, learn about practices and labels, talk about healthy and sustainable food with vendors and producers. Start an urban garden, school garden or kitchen garden. It is critical to support organizations, policies, programmes and people that promote more sustainable food systems.”

Unsatisfied with the status quo, Billon decided to start tackling food waste herself. Now, she is cycling around Nantes to find inedible food scraps and turn them into “black gold”—a rich compost allowing local farmers, gardeners and supermarkets to supply nutritious foods. Read more>>


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