Eritrea – Where ATMs Are Unknown And Sim Cards Are Like Gold Dust

Public pay phones are still used by many people. AFP

By BBC Africa

The UN refugee agency describes Eritrea as “the ninth largest country of origin” for refugees – there were 507,300 of them at the end of 2018, up from 486,200 in the previous year.

Most of the refugees are hosted by Ethiopia (174,000) and Sudan (114,500), but many also found “protection” in European states such as Germany (55,300) and Switzerland (34,100), it says.

With the exodus of youngsters, old people are most visible in Asmara, sipping macchiato in cafes to pass their time.

The size of Eritrea’s population is unclear because the government has never carried out a census since independence.

Nevertheless, the World Population Review estimates its population to be 3.5 million, with Asmara’s standing at around 500,000…Read more>>


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