Will Technology Overtake Human Sense Of Service?

PwC’s survey found that 56 percent of shoppers will turn away from their favourite products or brands after several bad experiences. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Godrick Itur

The customer service week, marked earlier this month, was characterized by a number of firms sending text messages and putting up social media posts on how they value their clients. It got me thinking about the early days when we were growing up in the village.

Whenever we had guests coming over, the house and compound were cleaned, proper directions issued, children well dressed and the house decorated in the best crotchet. When they arrived, the guests were treated to the best meal and served using specially reserved crockery and plates. I suspect that in many homes this practice remains.

With such special treatment reserved to our guests at home, one would imagine that a business will treat its customers, who are essentially guests, in a similar way.

When you run business, it means that you will have clients coming to your premises every single day. You, therefore, must look your best, ensure that the premises are sparkling clean, provide sufficient clear directions and speak courteously and warmly throughout and most importantly, give them the best of your product or service.

It seems that this is just common sense, and that it would be easy to replicate how we treat our guests at home, at our respective businesses. Yet it is not that simple. Tales abound of how people are mistreated by companies and public offices and given terrible service…Read more>>


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